Last Minute Christmas DIY’s

       It’s crunch time friends, t-minus 5 days until Christmas, & I don’t know about you but I for sure am still a busy shopping beaver. This year though, I wanted to try to get creative with my decorations for my apartment for Christmas, & for our tables for our traditional family Christmas Eve dinner. I also wanted to make more succulent-style gifts for the friends/family I know that love succulents! Sooooo, I’m going to share a couple of my favorite DIY’s I’ve done that are SUPER quick, easy, and cost almost nothing to create you could still manage to whip up before Christmas Eve!! (Additional perk, they’re also amazing to give as gifts after Christmas dinner is over, or even just keep as winter decorations!)

First Christmas Craft – Snowy Christmas Terrarium



  • Terrarium (Available for purchase at Target or Hobby Lobby/Most Craft Stores)
    • You can also even use a fish bowl if you have one!
  • PUMICE (aka “snow”)
  • A cute, vintage ornament or toy truck! (Have fun with this part, I also later used some snowman ornaments or you can even display favorite keepsake ornaments!)
  • Bottle Brush Trees

AfterlightImage copy

Conveniently, these were all things I already had in my home, & you probably do too, so this project literally cost me ZERO DOLLARS to make! That is the glory of this DIY!

     There’s really not much to building this beauty, which makes it that much better!

STEP 1: Fill the terrarium with pumice. (I used the size 1/8″, our smallest stone) & I went almost completely to the brim of the terrarium opening to ensure everything is visible!

DSC04170STEP 2: Place the ornament in the back of the terrarium & press down lightly to dig slightly into the pumice & sturdy it. Then place any other things you’d like to be in the background scape (bottlebrush trees, other ornaments, small figurines, etc).

STEP 3: Remove the soil completely from the roots of the succulents you will be using in the terrarium scene, then create a hole in the pumice (I like to use chopsticks to make manipulating the succulent into the hole easier & push the roots deeper down into the pumice.)

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 1.06.27 PM

     Add as many succulents as you’d like, or as few as you’d like, you can also add some battery-operated twinkle lights to give a cute night-time scape feel as well! & that’s literally it! Super fast (only takes about 5 minutes to make) so easy & you have an eye-catching Christmas terrarium everyone will love! I also made another terrarium with just a cactus & some twinkle lights from the dollar section at Target that I wrapped around it to look like a Christmas tree!

AfterlightImage 2 copy



Christmas Cardstock Succulent Planters 

AfterlightImage 2

This next DIY is one I saw on Pinterest & absolutely fell in love with because the possibilities are ENDLESS! All you need is

  • A variety of sizes of Tin Cans (luckily it’s soup season!)
  • PUMICE (no soil needed)
  • Christmas-theme scrapbook paper/Card stock
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Succulents

     Most important part before we get started on DIY-ing, make yourself some soup or chili, put on a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie & enjoy yourself! Then after that, we can get started crafting. First step is you’re going to want to take the labels off each can & then empty & clean out/dry the inside of them all. 

     Next, you’re going to want to take your decorative cardstock & measure it to be slightly taller than the top of the can (only a few centimeters really), so that none of the metal is visible from top to bottom of your “planter”.

AfterlightImage 8

     After all your cardstock is cut to size for your can-planters, get down with your hot-glue-bad-self. Grab your glue gun & don’t be afraid to use quite a bit, it won’t be visible at all through the cardstock. I like to hot glue it in 3 different spots (the middle of the front of the can, and under both seams around the back of the can where the cardstock will overlap). This will ensure that the card is securely attached to the can & will last as many Christmas’ as possible! 

ACS_0168AfterlightImage 9

     Next, fill your newly-decorative planter-cans with PUMICE (I used our 1/8″ size here). Another amazing thing about this DIY is there is NO SOIL NECESSARY! Using only Pumice IMG_0371will keep your succulents happy & healthy, they can actually thrive in pumice alone, which will meanwhile keep bugs & mold out of your house, & it will also keep your tin planters from rusting when watering the succulents! 

Lastly, after all your tins are filled, all that’s left is to plant the succulents! Remove all the soil from the roots of the succulents, then once again, you can use chopsticks here as a hack to create holes in the pumice, & to press the roots down deeper into the pumice. & that’s literally IT! You’re done! These are so quick & simple to create, but the possibilities are literally endless, because the variety of sizes of cans & different pattern cardstocks available! They can also be updated each holiday/season by simply removing the Christmas cardstock & replacing with your new holiday decor cardstock or just cardstock that matches the interior of your home! (Can you say shiplap?!)

ACS_0170AfterlightImage 6

AfterlightImage 7

AfterlightImage 5

AfterlightImage 3

LAST DIY but not least……

Succulent Ornaments!

AfterlightImage 10

As a proclaimed crazy plant lady, I do my best to cover anything/everything in succulents that I possibly can, and in that spirit, I wanted to do a funky take on ornaments for my tree this year, so I decided what better way than to put some succulents on it? Duh! So we created these quick & easy succulent ornaments, and chances are yet again, these are all things you already have in your home!


  • Succulents (I used a variety of sizes from 2″-4″)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Ornament hooks (we bought these super sturdy pre-cut floral wire, as well as the silver & green ornament hooks at Walmart) You can also use copper wire, or even floral wire if you have some around!)


That’s literally ALL you need! First step, is once again, remove all the soil from the roots of your succulents, and once you remove the soil cut the roots/stem with scissors, but leave about half an inch of stem remaining to make your ornament more secure.

DSC03963    Next, take the floral wire or ornament hook and wrap it around the leftover part of the stem as tightly as possible. You’re going to then hot glue under the wrapped wire & over the top of the wire, completely encapsulating it in the glue; don’t be afraid to apply a thick layer of glue, that will only make your ornaments more sturdy!ACS_0172ACS_0179     Now all that’s left is let the glue dry, & you’re ready to hang away!  Keep in mind, the thicker & longer the wire, the stronger & better to manipulate it will be. Again, the possibilities are endless, you can make as many as you’d like with as many colors, types, & size of succulents you’d like!

AfterlightImage 13AfterlightImage 12ACS_0178.jpgAfterlightImage 14

Alright, now I need to go finish my Christmas shopping ya’ll! But good luck making all these beauties & good luck! I hope you enjoyed reading & creating along with us.


Merry Christmas Friends! & Happy New Year!

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 12.36.27 AM


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