DIY-Hanging Planter (for under $15)

Alright, so we can all admit we love channeling our inner Joanna Gaines, am I right? Give me everything shiplap & farmhouse chic please & thanks! Well, this was my first attempt in a loonnggg time at just that. We recently started a Pinterest for our company because now that I have an extra set of super talented hands, I want to & actually have the TIME to finally do more hands-on planting projects & funky succulent decor for my new little apartment. & when Kris stumbled on this idea I immediately fell in love with it & we both agreed it needed to be our first project.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 10.45.27 PM

Photos by @Iwasakiphotos

So this little baby is literally thee most simple DIY I think I have ever done. It took us less than 1.5 hours total to create, & we spent under $15 on all the components! (which is crazy because people are selling them on Etsy & Pinterest for upwards of $60!!!) So friend, sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, & get ready to read the easiest tutorial of all times for the cutest hanging planter ever.

What You Need:

  • Jute ($1.05 at Walmart)
  • Pre-made Wood Frame – $3 (I found a bunch in the $1 section at Target! Woot! Or you can easily make your own out of scrap pallet wood for free or 2×4’s)
  • Clear Mason Jars – $3 (also found in the $1 section at Target; came in a package of 4)
  • Pumice (obviously) 😉
  • Fast-draining succulent/cactus soil (I use Kellogg palm, citrus soil)- $5.97 @ Lowes
  • 2 of your favorite succulents
  • Drill
  • Tape Measure & Pencil/Pen to mark drill holes


So after you’ve gathered all your materials, first things first, get to drilling. You’re going to want to measure the top of your box, so you can mark exactly where you want your drill holes. This will ensure your hanging planters are lined up properly & are equal distances from one another & the sides of the box. (additional idea: if you make your own box out of pallet wood, you can made a rectangle shape instead of a square, & hang 3 or 4 mason jars inside of the frame instead of just 2.)

AfterlightImage 5


Next Up, Mix the batter 😉 & by batter, I mean the pumice & soil! I suggest for a planter/container like these (that do not have drainage holes in the bottom) a ratio of 60% pumice and 40% cactus soil. Why? Well, Using pumice will soak up any excess water when you water your hanging succulents, to prevent root rot, as well as increase the oxygen flow to your succulents roots! I mean, if you are taking the time to make this cutey, you might as well make sure it’s going to be as healthy as possible & live as long as possible! Pumice will help do just that. I even added a layer of pumice at the bottom of the containers for even more drainage, to prevent any possible water from sitting around the roots. (For more information about pumice, & it’s benefits you can read HERE).

After you’ve mixed your soil & pumice, fill the containers about 3/4 of the way full of the mixture, but do not plant the succulents just yet. Before you plant them, you’re going to want to wrap your containers with the jute. So, get your roll of jute & start by tying a tight double-knot around the rim of the container. Once you’ve tied off, you’re

AfterlightImage 3going to wrap the jute around the rim until it covers as much as you’d like! Once it is the desired thickness, tie the jute into a double-knot on the side of the container, & cut off an additional even length piece of jute to the tied-side & double-knot that jute on the opposite side. These 2 strings with double knots on each side will secure the jute to the container & allow you to suspend the planters from the top of the box. Do this process with both containers.

AfterlightImage 2

After you’ve wrapped both of your containers, plant your succulents!  I chose 2 that I thought complimented each other well, size, color & texture-wise. When choosing succulents for a project like this I suggest having one trailing succulent, such as string of pearls, burros tail (as pictured in ours), or string of bananas! Something fun & eye-catching. Also make sure to factor in the type of succulents that will do best in the location you are thinking of putting your hanging shelf: ie. if you are going to have it in a window with bright light & air flow you have a wider variety of succulents that will do well, however if you are going to put the hanging planter in a place that does not receive sunlight, you’ll have fewer options that will stay alive & healthy (Haworthias, like the one pictured in our shelf) do wonderfully in these scenarios!

AfterlightImage 4

(I completely remove the dirt around the roots of the succulents, because the soil most nurseries plant with has little to NO airation or drainage, because the pots/soil they use are meant to only be temporary homes.)

Once you have your succulents planted & mason jar containers ready to hang, next & final step is to simply hang those bad boys! The way I found easiest, & most sturdy was to put the 2 jute strings on each jar side by side over the top of the succulent, set the jar inside the frame & then thread both strings through the hole (threading towards the ceiling) you drilled when you began. Once threaded through, wrap both strings around the back of the frame at least once & re-thread it through the hole one more time in the same way (toward the ceiling), & tie it off with a knot, & then a bow! Repeat a second time with the other mason jar. Tip: you can either tie the jars off at the same height to make the jars hang side by side, OR you can alternate the heights like we did, having one jar hanging higher toward the top of the frame with our trailing burros tail succulent & the other hanging close to the base of the box.

& that my friends, is all! You’re done! I told you it was easy. You now have a gorgeous new hanging planter to enjoy PLUS the bragging rights for building a $60 planter with your own two hands for $15. It also makes a wonderful gift as well to the Magnolia-lover in your life, or someone who just loves all things succulents! If you have any other questions or ideas/suggestions on this little guy comment below!

FullSizenewRender 2 copyThanks so much for reading friend, & if you try to make one of your own send me a picture of the final product! We’re on instagram as @SexySucculents_ . Look forward to seeing how you make it your own! ❤

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 12.36.27 AM


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